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Impact Baseline Test


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Why you need to be prepared.

Because concussions can happen to anyone, anywhere. They can change your life for the worse if you’re not prepared. Just like an annual physical, it is recommended that you take a baseline test every year. ImPACT Baseline Test has been developed for ages 12-80.

(CNN) Kelly Catlin and Ellie Soutter never met, but they had a lot in common.

These young female athletes died by suicide. They all had head injuries in common

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Measure Brain function prior to a head injury

Baseline neurocognitive testing allows you to document the healthy brain function of an uninjured test taker.

What happens after you buy

  1. Get confirmation email

    Containing your unique testing link(s).

  2. Open testing link

    And carefully watch test instructions.

  3. Take the test

    With no interruptions and focusing on each activity.

  4. Save personal testing ID

    On your mobile, through ImPACT Passport app.

Post-Purchase Resources

Congratulations on taking your first step toward protecting your brain health by taking the ImPACT Baseline Test! If you haven’t yet, buy it here.

First, review the Next Steps guide and download ImPACT Passport, the concussion care app you need to grant access to your results in case of a concussion. Use the other resources to get your healthcare provider in the loop, learn signs and symptoms of a concussion, and understand the scores on your ImPACT Baseline Test.


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